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Why reviews are asset of your business?

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Why reviews are asset of your business?

In today’s digital era we check everything over internet. We love to be connected and we manage business, assets and contacts over internet. Since we are rapidly changing from cash carrying era to cashless era our everyday life is also changing with it. We feel closer than ever to the internet of things. The rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is widening our window of internet.

1.       From bar phone to smart phone

2.       From cards to mobile wallets

3.       From paper currencies to crypto currencies

4.       From real meeting to virtual meeting and

5.       From brochures and pamphlets to internet marketing

We feel more dependent to internet every time. And now on we depend on internet not for day to day activities but also we feel for more ownership of it. Our presence over internet makes us visible and marketing is quick enough over it.

There are clearly sharp differences between physical pamphlet marketing and internet marketing. Internet marketing is more dependent on customer perspectives. Users decide whether to choose this or that. User’s reviews are more crucial for business decision making. Traditional suggestion box is now changed to internet based review portals. Traditional suggestion boxes are burden to the business but internet based reviews are assets to the organization. They can utilize it for the wellness of the business. Customers are more interactive through it and most important thing you can keep your customers in contact for longer periods despite of their geographical location.


Top 5 advantages of business reviews

1.       More reviews means more customer engagement

2.       Positive Reviews indicate happy customers and happy customers are repeating one.

3.       Good reviews attracts new customers.

4.       Customers indicates problems and weakness of business with ratings, which helps business to overcome the issues.

5.       Reviews and customer comments travels across the internet for long periods, which helps marketing efforts. 

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